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Blacklisted resources on Brand
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • As you know, each brand can select specific resources and add them as blacklisted.
  • PMs under this brand will still be able to direct assign the blacklisted resource, or add the blacklisted resource manually to Manual RS Plan.
  • The normal RS Plans (not manual select ones), will not include the Blacklisted resources in the list of applicable resources.
  • We have added an alert for the PM to notify him/her when a blacklisted resource is selected.
1- When the PM use direct assign and the assigned resource is blacklisted on PM's brand, an alert will appear to warn him/her about this.


2- When the PM use Manual Select Plan, and try to add resources to the RS "Pick Resources", you will find the resource has status of "Brand Blocked".


3- In case the PM is searching for resources via Resource Pool, the same flag will be added to resource in the status section "Brand Blocked".


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