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Evaluating closed Requests via email
Last Updated 2 years ago

  • This feature allow the PM to evaluate Requests via E-mail.
Please note that it's very important for the Talent Management department to know your evaluation for each request, so please follow the below steps for evaluating via email:
  1. Once the RFR is closed (Fulfilled- Partially Fulfilled- Not Fulfilled), PM will receive an email with the Request details and final status, PM will be asked to evaluate the Request.

    • image
  2. Email will contain emojis, each one represents number of stars (1, 2, 3 etc.).
  3. Once the PM clicks on any of the emojis, you will be directed to your TP account, with the RFR opened and the rating pop-up screen has the same rating you've selected by mail for all aspects.
    • Note: Rating can be changed normally via this screen.

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  4. Once the PM click on save, it will save the evaluation.
    • Note: In case PM didn't click on save, the Request isn't evaluated.

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  5. PM will still be able to rate Requests via request full view screen on Transparent "Rate our service".
  6. Once the evaluation is saved on Request, evaluation can't be changed, even if the Request is reopened.
    • Note: You can't evaluate a Request while status is Open or Reopened. In order to evaluate the Request, status must be Closed.

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