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Definition for all Task statuses
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  • Not Assigned
    • Task has been created, and no resource has been assigned yet.
  • Pending on Acceptance
    • Task has been created and assigned to a resource, and the assignee hasn't accepted the task yet.
  • Ready
    • Task has been accepted by assignee and it's ready for translation.
    • NB: When task is marked as "Online source files" all tasks will be marked as Ready, once they are accepted by assignee.
  • On-Hold
    • When task has "offline source files", and task is assigned and accepted by assignee, and no file/s have been uploaded yet to the OUT folder of the task in the previous phase (linked task).
  • Started
    • When task is accepted, and the assignee has updated the progress to 10%, 20%, etc. (Usually happens with synced tasks with TMS/Memsource)
  • Overdue
    • Once the task planned end date is passed, and task is not completed yet.
  • Completed
    • When the assignee mark task as completed (progress = 100), before the task's planned end date.
  • Completed – Overdue
    • When the assignee marks task as completed (progress = 100), after the task's planned end date.
  • Rejected
    • Task has been created and assigned, and the assignee rejected the task.

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