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Adding Order with Multiple languages
Last Updated a year ago

  1. Add 1st job for one of the languages as usual. enter job details, attach the PO if available and plan the tasks.
  1. From the job view, click on "Add more languages" button
  2. Select the needed languages from the list (only languages added to account pricebook will appear.
  3. The new job(s) name(s) will be similar to the 1st job + target language name
  4. Hint: you can change the job name and change the location of target language, just make sure the variable $target_language is included
  5. Press save and the new job(s) will be created automatically, attached to the same PO if any and all tasks will also be created and waiting for your assignment.
  6. the default prices will be calculated for the new jobs, you can edit them later if needed.

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